Sonntag 19.09.2021 17:00

Circus I Love You

(SE FI DK FR) Deutsche Erstaufführung

Zelt im Otto Dullenkopf-Park

Circus I Love You

Vorverkauf: : 23,00
Abendkasse: 24,00
Mitglieder: 18,50

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Sa, 18.09.2021, 19:00

Mit einer Fülle verschiedener Zirkusdisziplinen von Hand-auf-Hand über Schleuderbrett und Rollschuhen bis zum Trapez, einer zeitgenössischen Ästhetik und Live-Musik verspricht Circus I Love You eine umwerfende Liebeserklärung an den Zirkus, die Freiheit und das Leben. Acht Akrobatinnen und Akrobaten aus fünf Ländern teilen ihr herausragendes Können, musizieren, was das Zeug hält, und feiern mit dem Publikum ein überbordendes Fest. Ein einstündiges Feuerwerk für die ganze Familie, das vor Lebensfreude sprüht.


60 Minuten
ab 4 Jahren


Konzept: Sade Kamppila, Julien Auger, Oskar Rask, Benoit Fauchier, Mikkel Hobitz Filtenborg, Saana Leppänen, Andil Dahl, Thibaud Rancoeur
Musik und Akrobatik: Sade Kamppila, Julien Auger, Oskar Rask, Benoit Fauchier, Kert Ridaste, Saana Leppänen, Periklis Dazy, Thibaud Rancoeur
Technik: Jose Carlos Ferrer
Produktion: Julia Simon
Administration: Pelle Tillö
Ko-Produzenten: Sirkus Aikamoinen (Fi), Möjlighetsministeriet (Swe), Kozh Productions (Fr), Le Manège - Scène Nationale de Reims (Fr), Rèseau CIEL (Fr), Les Transversales - Scène Conventionnée Cirque de Verdun (Fr), Théâtre Firmin Gémier / La Piscine – Pôle National Cirque en Ile-de-France (Fr)
Unterstützer: Wintervuur Festival Antwerpen (Be), Cirkus Cirkör (Swe), Cirko – Center for New Circus (Fi), Subtopia (Swe), Bing Bang Circus (Fr), Le Manège - Scène Nationale de Reims, Theater Op de Markt (Be), Cirk Eole (Fr)
Arts Promotion Centre Finland, Institut Francais & Region Bretagne, Nordisk Kulturkontakt, Institut Francais & Finlands Institutet Sweden, Svenska Kulturfonden Finland, Kulturrådet Sweden, The City of Stockholm, Region Stockholm



With our contemporary aesthetics, our wide range of circus disciplines and live music, the show focuses on building rather than criticizing. The show is collaborative. There is no drama. The audience, gathered in a circle, feels included in the adventure. Our circus is absurd, death defying, simple and happy. It is the logical continuum of the slow life trend, standing for voluntary simplicity, sustainable development, and culture for all. The show is an hour-long composition of acrobatics and live music, using the composition tools of long-lasting music pieces such as classical music or progressive rock. We direct our power of action into a family-friendly show, promoting peace and love.

Our circus pushes people away from an illusion, back into direct contact with reality. Our circus is always connected with reality, and the world around the performance cannot disappear. One cannot pretend to do a backflip or pretend to catch a falling acrobat. In our circus, the risk is always present, and what links people to circus artists is the tension towards failure.

We believe that the fear of failure prevents people from trying. The fear of the unknown prevents people from initiating adventures. The fear of being judged prevents people from showing what they believe is important. All kinds of fears make people docile and rely on consuming more than they need. We believe that facing our fears is a way to regain our freedom back from a pressurizing society that promotes living in fear. Facing fears is therefore a constant part of Circus I love you, within the production process, the creation process, and the performance.

We are acrobats who are best described as Swiss army knives.

In the era of specialization, we prefer not to be monofocused on one skill but to share many circus disciplines and to be musicians as well.

The skills we have are the basis of our artistic practice. We have spent years gaining them, and we cannot renew our set of skills fast enough to please the audience of the same town again and again. Therefore, traveling can be described as the essence of what we do. We constantly need to reach out to new people. Since we are from 5 different countries, there isn’t a single city that all of us call home. Touring with a circus tent is the one way we can make our artistic vision shine and travel to all our homes in the world.

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